Please read before Contacting us:

We are in every way committed in delivering the cheapest option for Traveling to Thailand. is a Do It Yourself  Flight and Accommodation Booking site.
As there is minimum human interaction in this method the cost is very low.
Thailand Bookings offers 3 easy steps on how to book a holiday yourself.

There is also pre-worked out packages on the website making it even easier to book your holiday.

I can assure you that you will most definitely not find cheaper accommodation anywhere else, not even directly with any of the Hotels/Resorts in Thailand.

Customized Quotes - Done on Request
Some people prefer that we book and choose the best accommodation and flights for them.
Due to the fact that the prices per the website is basically cost price we have to recover the time spent doing the booking for you.

FYI - Travel agents markup are between R1000-R5000(could be more on certain flights) per flight ticket not even mentioning the accommodation markups.
The reason for this is: The costs of time spent doing quotes that are not booked, are then recovered with the few people that actually books and pays.

To keep the price per quote low, we have to follow a different approach:
- No factoring in the time spent on quotes not accepted by you!
- Recovering costs where they are spent.
Customized Quote Costs:
- An upfront R500 Quote fee which is deducted from the quote.

If you still want us to do a quote for you, kindly mail us for our banking details.
We will then also ask a few necessary details on working out a quote for you!

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