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Here are a few more DIY Thailand Packages. (13 nights)

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For your Information (FYI)
As seen below, a longer vacation/ holiday/ honeymoon can be taken due to cheaper flight prices. Rather spend your hard earned money on a few extra days than on flights. Accommodation are more expensive form 1 November, but the difference in flight prices still makes the 13 day a much more viable option!

Sunset Beach 3* - Phuket
13 Nights

R 14 910 Flights on Qatar (20 Oct - 3 Nov)
R 7 570  
Sunset Beach 3* 13 nights
R 22 480 Total
R 11 240 per person sharing! - Calculated on: 2014-04-09

Coconut Village 3* - Phuket
Rantee Cliff Beach Resort 2* on Koh Phi-Phi Island
13 Nights
R 14 910 Flights on
Qatar (20 Oct - 3 Nov)
R 3 642  
(Koh Phi Phi Island)
Rantee Cliff Beach Resort 5 nights (21-26 Oct)
R 5 012   
Sunset Beach 3* 8 nights (26-3 Nov)
R 23 564  Total
R 11 782 per person sharing! - Calculated on: 2014-04-09

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