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  • Thailand Hedonistic Party

    Feel like a Full Moon Party on an Island where almost anything goes, you will love this, Island life that you dreamed of, with the night life of the best clubs in the world. This is a must do, when you are a party animal.
  • Thailand Tiger & Jungle

    Exploring regions of Thailand that are definitly less travelled than the beaches. Chang Mai, Tiger Temple in Kanchanaburi region. Travel by train to see it all.
  • Thailand Beach Bum

    Explore Thailand, stay in budget accommodation but still on the beach, go on a different tour almost everyday and enjoy the sunshine. Thailand has so much to offer the explorer. You will not get bored, as long as you travel around and visit as many places as possible.
  • A Piece that I wrote of our First time in Thailand! Enjoy the Journey!

    We had the best time in Thailand - when we visited the smaller unknown places, and we are definitely going back to visit even more mysterious land masses.

    Well here goes my first Blog post!
    We decided, just the two of us (Leanne & I) to go on an overseas holiday and decided we would like to do Europe for about 3 weeks. We phoned 2 travels agents who both confirmed that we would have to choose a new destination as Europe was way more expensive than we originally thought. Leanne spoke to a colleague and Thailand was suggested, and there the planning started for the most amazing shopping and island experience we have yet to have again.

    We boarded the plane and headed off to the "shoppers paradise". Extremely excited we rushed to the hotel, showered and off we went to the excitement Bangkok has to offer. In 3 days I probably bought the 10 years worth of clothing. Luckily we noticed that the airport have storage facilities just for that reason, we stored our extra baggage and boarded the plane on our way to the Exotic Koh Samui. After landing on the open air airport we knew we were on a small island somewhere in the Gulf of Thailand.

    We quickly went through the formalities and bought our mini-bus and fiery tickets to Koh Phangan at one of the many airport travel kiosks. Koh Phangan is a smaller untouched island, which where our final destination for the next 8 days.
    When the fiery arrived, the first people to get off was our newly made friends we met on our stopover also on their way to Thailand. While greeting out of sheer surprise, exchanging stories and a quick explanation why they have bloodshot eyes, it was said and I quote, "That place never sleeps", "good luck"! and of they went to Phuket.
    Description: Koh Phangan Party Beach
    Before Full Moon Party

    We didn't even know about the so called non-stop party on Koh Phangan until, we visited Haad Rin area & wanted to see how the beach looks like and saw the set-up of what must be a good party coming on. We bought a bucket and after a while the beach started to fill with hedonistic travelers and not long we found ourselves right in the middle of the world famous Full Moon Party on Haad Rin beach. Koh Phangan is well known for the Full Moon Party they have, well, every full moon you would think? Oh, no there is a full blown party on that beach every single night, and what an awesome experience it was.

    Description: Koh Phangan
    Koh Phangan Beach & Island

    We enjoyed the beaches, the food, the culture and of course the natural and scenic beauty this amazing place has to offer. To go back to the scooter part, you have to rent a scooter, it is way more cost effective than using a taxi. Your opportunities are endless, you can go really anywhere you want without the hassle of waving of a taxi and bargaining for a good price.

    Koh Phangan has much to offer the adventurist and leisure traveler, ranging from herbal steam rooms that do not cost much, yoga center's, massages on the beach, Zip-lining in the mountain, elephant trekking, and obviously the more famous to-do's on a holiday like scuba diving, kayaking, scenic boat trips to the famous Angthong Marine Park and Rainforest tours. Well, there is a lot to do there, we actually met 2 Swedish ladies who where already on the island for 2 months and where looking to stay another month, but where struggling to book a place over new year's time where many people want to experience the original Full Moon Party.

    Description: Koh Samui Beach
    Koh Samui view from our Balcony

    We left before new years to visit Koh Samui for the next 6 days to stay on a secluded area in a small resort right on the beach, which where awesome, the beach obviously. We probably couldn't expect more for the price we paid, we literally stayed right on the beach. Koh Samui is a much bigger island than Koh Phangan, it has an airport a cinema complex with a huge Tesco's and a Go-kart track which have the fastest Go-karts that I have ever driven. We enjoyed Koh Samui, but I enjoyed Koh Phangan a lot more. We chilled more, and actually went to the movies once, it was raining... After our visit on this much bigger but interesting Island we where met with many tourists trying to catch flights out as the rain where said to last another couple of days, we actually missed our international flight as we where placed on a later flight.

    On the Bangkok airport we where met with an overnight stay in the airport hotel, and this enabled us to visit the Tiger Temple the next morning in Kanchanaburi as we missed our previous opportunity. We took a taxi, not so clever as we could have gone on a mini bus tour for less than half the price we paid. But, what an awesome experience we had with the Tiger's, they are such graceful animals. We even had time to do a bit of last minute shopping again before the flight. We had to let our employers know that we are going to be a day late for work and off we went back to our lives in Pretoria, South Africa.

    As I mentioned earlier, the "most amazing shopping and island experience we have yet to have again." Well, we did have it again, 8 months later. This time we took some friends and family with to visit Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Phi-Phi Islands (pronounced Koh P P). We had an awesome time again - The next few posts I will elaborate more about the different shopping area's and of course the islands and what to do where. Come back soon to read more.
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